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Description: Clocky was developed to help reduce the chance you will turn off the alarm before being fully awake. It accomplishes this by zooming away from you on its wheels and moving in a random pattern that makes it difficult to catch. After the chase, you are likely to be awake and on all fours on the floor experiencing that nasty mix of grogginess and adrenaline. But, you'll be up on time.

Tocky is the second generation design. It rolls on its external ball-shaped shell with no external moving parts... and it plays MP3 files. This enhancement means you get the nasty mix mentioned above while serenaded by Kiss, Muse, or "rock band to be named later."


Mistake-proofing category: Mistake prevention
Setting function: Physical, sequencing, grouping and counting, information enhancement
Regulatory function: Sensory Alert
Source: Off-the-shelf


Secondary Problems (side effects, weakness or concerns) with this example:


Sources of Supply: Nanda Home

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