1. ensures that no door is left unlocked.
  2. doors automatically lock when the car exceeds 18 miles an hour.
  3. lock won't operate when door is open and the engine is running. ||


Mistake-proofing category: Mistake prevention
Setting function: Physical
Regulatory function: Forced Control
Source: Off-the-shelf


Secondary Problems (side effects, weakness or concerns) with this example:

While a crime deterrent and child safety feature, some implementations do not automatically unlock the doors in the event of a crash (upon airbag deployment). This can make extrication of injured parties much more difficult if the lock mechanism is damaged, requiring the Jaws-of-Life to rip the door off. Time can be precious in a trauma situation. Furthermore, systems which do automatically unlock the doors in a crash may be more dangerous in roll-over situations where the doors should stay closed. Mercedes has decided that unlocking the doors upon crash is the best average mode.


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