This Linksys wireless router has a message to deliver. Linksys really wants you to run the CD before connecting the cables. To insure you get the message, they place a label over the outlets where the cables are plugged in essentially interfering with the connections and slowing you down until you take actions that prompt the desired behavior. Do you have to obey? Well,


Mistake-proofing category: Mistake prevention
Setting function: sequencing
Regulatory function: Sensory Alert
Source: Developed locally


Secondary Problems (side effects, weakness or concerns) with this example:

This label is essentially meaningless as the device will work as well without running the CD.
The label gives no indication there are ports underneath.
Counter: However, that is the point: Without running the CD, an unexperienced user will not know that there are ports underneath. The CD will inform the user to remove the sticker.


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