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Driving by braille is not recommended; however, these carved depressions in the road are an effective warning that the vehicle's wheels are headed for danger. The little bumps provide the driver with tactile and audible warning that the car is not in its lane.


Mistake-proofing category: mistake detection
Setting function: information enhancement
Regulatory function: Warning
Source: Off-the-shelf


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Among serious Prilosec side effects are some psychological symptoms like depression, aggressiveness, delusions, and short temperedness. Different Prilosec side effects a patient could have are pancreas swelling, darker urine, high temperatures, palpitations, chills, dizziness, and tummy aches. The drug is also known to cause liver issues and jaundice. Prilosec side effects that have an effect on the guts may take the form of tachycardia, high blood pressure, bradycardia, angina, and peripheral edema. prilosec side effects long term