Although Prilosec aspect effects can be dangerous and worrisome, only some patients can expertise them. Majority of individuals who take this drug can benefit from reduced heartburn and abdomen acid problems. Not that many people expertise serious Prilosec aspect effects and it is rather safe to be used as treatment for acid reflux, heartburn and other similar conditions. prilosec side effects long term


==Description:==SawStop detects when flesh touches the blade of a table saw and stops the blade in 5 milliseconds. The saw operator gets a minor cut instead of losing a finger. A small charge is directed through the saw blade. A signal processor detects when flesh absorbs some of the voltage and an aluminum stop is jammed into the blade by a strong spring. Watch the video where a hot dog is used for a surrogate finger.


Mistake-proofing category: Mistake prevention
Setting function: Physical
Regulatory function: Shutdown
Source: Off-the-shelf


Secondary Problems (side effects, weakness or concerns) with this example: Saw cannot be used to cut conductive materials or the stop feature will trigger; a manual override is available but the saw is now more dangerous.


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