This 2-capped bottle is filled with "Kookaburra Wool Wash" from Australia. The little chamber with the blue lid is a measuring device. You fill it by taking off the blue lid and squeezing the bottle. There is a straw-like tube up the side of the bottle into the chamber. When you have filled the chamber and stop squeezing, air gets sucked back into the main bottle through the tube. Any excess fluid flows back down the tube, so that you get a relatively exact amount of detergent in the small chamber. My sister, the wool & spinning expert of the family writes "It's really very ingenious, and total overkill for a substance that is actually a mild detergent like "Woolite". I mean, measuring out cap-fulls isn't that hard, and if you get too much into the washtub, it isn't the end of the world by a long shot."


Mistake-proofing category: Mistake prevention in the work environment
Setting function: grouping and counting
Regulatory function: Sensory Alert?
Source: Off-the-shelf


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